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We are proud to announce that AccelerateHER is a winner of the SBA’s 2016 Growth Accelerator Competition Award. AccelerateHER developed and operates The JunipHER Project, a Remote Business Growth Accelerator for mid-stage women business owners.

Did you know...?

That while there are 11.3 million women-owned businesses in the US,

91% are solo ventures.
These businesses earn $1.6 trillion compared to the $9.9 trillion earned by men owned firms.

Research shows...

That the four components a woman business owner needs to grow her business are:

– CEO Mindset
– Board of Advisors
– Support Network
– Access to Funding

The statistics show...

 That only 2% of women business owners make $1 million or more and 82% never earn more than $100,000 annually.

It's an unfortunate truth...

 That the majority of business growth accelerators have a residency requirement. Since women take on 75% of household duties on average, it’s difficult for women to participate.

Things need to change!

At AccelerateHER we are committed to facilitating that change….starting NOW!

“To propel women-owned businesses beyond the microenterprise stage will take support services and programs specifically geared to women.”

*The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Center for Women in Business

The JunipHER Difference…

Real-World Application

We provide you with a practical education to accelerate your business.

User Friendly

We empower you with an easy-to-use platform and manageable learning format.


Your business is built in a woman’s world, and so is The JunipHER Project. Everything we design and share is built by women…for women.


A support network of other business owners is at the core of The JunipHER.Project

Jill Wagenberg, Aleris Recruiting

“AccelerateHER understands the mindset and obstacles facing women in business.  They provide insight on roadblocks and tools to move forward on the path to success.  I would highly recommend Zee and AccelerateHER to other women seeing to take their business to the next level.”

Rebecca Scheetz, The 25th Hour

” With AccelerateHER’s help, my confidence level soared, my focus became sharper, and my income skyrocketed. While working with Zee and AccelerateHER, I increased my clients by 125% and upped my hourly rate by 80%. Every step of the way, they was there, asking tough questions, having me do the hard work and helping me face my fears as an entrepreneur.”

Lynden Kidd, Next Iteration

“Zee’s frank and direct guidance is clear, concise and well organized with easy to use tools, forms and systems. I had immediate and noticeable success. In my experience with Zee, she was the extra set of sharp eyes needed to help me move beyond past results and get to some real “ah ha” breakthroughs.”

Make Business Growth Happen!

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