Businesses owned by men are 3 and ½ times more likely to achieve this goal. The NextStep ‘MBA’ aims to narrow this gap, because women are just as capable as men when it comes to business. The program’s specialized curriculum propels women to greater success and profitability.

Our Curriculum Covers…

CEO Mindset

Managing your business as the CEO is crucial to your success and that can only happen when you fully embrace the role.

Financial Understanding

Understanding your financial statements and knowing that your prices are set correctly is key.

Strategic Growth Plan

Once you understand where you are, it’s time to plan where you are going in a strategic, thoughtful way.

Board of Advisors

Businesses that scale successfully have advisory boards.  Our Peer Board of Advisors will get you started.

Employee Management

A business with employees earns 44 times the revenue than one without. Learn the important aspects of hiring and managing employees.

Support System

A built-in support system to lean on and learn from is a valuable program component.

The Tools You Need to Succeed

Our program was developed to provide education, support, and concrete action steps so our students can achieve continued prosperity in their chosen industry.

Year-Long Support

All Content is Virtual

Specialized Curriculum

Research-based Curriculum

Using research, we have developed a curriculum that guides women business owners through the hurdles that keep them from scaling to the same heights as their male counterparts.

Easy to Access

Women are busy and we took that into account when we developed the NextStep ‘MBA’.  Video conferencing technology makes the program entirely virtual, so women can participate without the commute.

Maintain Access for a Lifetime

Participant access to the NextStep ‘MBA’ doesn’t expire, because sometimes growing a business to the next level takes longer than a year.


Take a few minutes to learn more.  If you’re thinking you might be missing some key to unlock the potential of your business, you are in the right place. Our program has the answers and will give you the keys you need to rev up your business and help you take the next step towards a million!