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Economic developers can tap an untapped resource.

Women business owners can be an engine of growth in their local economic ecosystems. They have been overlooked for a long time and their economic power is waiting to be unleashed. The women participating in the NextStep ‘MBA’ want to grow their businesses, which means hiring employees, renting bigger retail spaces and shouldering a larger tax burden. In short, helping to create a more vibrant local economy.


Our partners see the potential of women business owners.

Established women business owners have survived the startup phase and have succeeded. Their businesses have been vetted by adversity and time. Different challenges emerge in the growth phase and the NextStep ‘MBA’ guides owners as they navigate these new obstacles to growth and continued success. They emerge from the program as more confident and savvy business owners.


Women business owners represent all industries.

And the NextStep ‘MBA’ welcomes them all. We recognize that it’s not only women in high-tech that are the change makers in our economy. Women who run Main Street businesses or who use tech to innovate their current businesses are adding to the vitality and strength of the economy.

Let’s build entrepreneurial ecosystems!

Take the next step towards developing the women business owners in your area. Find out how you can offer the Nextstep ‘MBA’ to your community.