Meaningful Business Acceleration
for women striving to scale

(Formerly The JunipHER Project)

AccelerateHER envisions a business landscape where women business owners are judged by their success instead of their gender. We continue to work for an economy where women can compete locally, nationally and globally.

Women Are the Key

“It is key to the success of the U.S. economy that women-owned businesses are able to scale.”

– National Women’s Business Council

AccelerateHER’s NextStep ‘MBA’ was designed to impact women’s businesses in ways that have the greatest impact on their revenue and the economy.

Create Longevity

“When a business owner receives training, she is 80% percent more likely to still be in business three years later and will create two additional jobs.” – Aspen Institute’s Field Program

Add Employees

A women-owned business with employees earns 44 times the revenue than one without employees. Our curriculum is designed to help women hire effectively.

Additional Jobs

Ninety percent of women business owners are non-employers or solopreneurs. If each of these businesses hired only one employee, 8.8 million jobs would be added to the workforce.

Intentional growth for women business owners.

The program is designed for women who want something more than a lifestyle business. These business owners are “thinking big” and embracing the growth phase of their business life cycle. They are ready to act and take the necessary steps so they can earn more and play in a bigger arena.

An untapped resource in your ecosystem.

Women business owners can be an engine of growth in their local economic ecosystems. They have been overlooked for a long time and their economic power is waiting to be unleashed. The women participating in the Nextstep ‘MBA’ want to grow their businesses, which means hiring employees, renting bigger retail spaces and shouldering a larger tax burden. In short, helping to create a more vibrant local economy.

Our partners see the potential of women business owners.

Established women business owners have survived the start-up phase and have succeeded. Their businesses have been vetted by adversity and time. Different challenges emerge in the growth phase and the NextStep ‘MBA’ guides owners as they navigate these new obstacles to growth and continued success. They emerge from the program as more confident and savvy business owners.

Meaningful Business Acceleration for Women Striving to Scale!

An Award-winning Program

Our program has been nationally recognized by the Small Business Administration.  We are proud winners of the SBA Growth Accelerator Award in 2016 and 2017.

From Our Participants

Our award-winning program gets rave reviews from participants.

The NextStep 'MBA' program has challenged me to focus on solutions that will allow my company to grow.  By giving me the tools to dream bigger about my business, it has given me the confidence to recently have a conversation about my company merging with another company to better serve our market. The program is relevant, user-friendly, high quality and supportive.

Jessica Morell

CEO, Tri-Cities Real Estate

I have been in business for 15 years. I have run my business by recording revenues and then paying expenses. Basically just reconciling my checkbook every month. It was not until I joined the NextStep'MBA' Program that I understood the importance of financial statements. I now understanding budgeting, cash flow projections and profit and loss. Although I have been able to keep my doors open, I have never really truly been profitable, but with this program's help, I now know what I need to do to run and grow a profitable business.

Tamekia Isaac Devine

Owner/Partner, Jabber & Isaac, PA Attorneys at Law

The NextStep'MBA' has had a great influence and impact on my business.  It has given me direction and a structured path to follow. It offers opportunities to share and question day-to-day business challenges, and how to overcome them. They have great tools to help you really look at your business and evaluate what it is you are currently doing, and where do you want to go in the future. The support network from the leaders of this Program, along with the other women is awesome! I'm so grateful to have been selected to this professional group of businesswomen, and look forward to the direction it will help me take my business!

Trez Robinson

Owner, Staged 2 Sell

The NextStep'MBA' has been a valuable tool in gaining knowledge and insight on various aspects of running my firm. The interactive pieces, coupled with group collaboration and support has been fabulous. From funding to developing/ tweaking my strategic plan, the program has helped me to expand my business into new markets across the country. AccelerateHER has been wonderful to work with over the last year!

Courtney Buzzell

CEO, Proximo Marketing

The NextStep'MBA' has helped me go back to the foundation of my accounting firm and fill in some gaps to make sure the base is strong enough to support growth without collapsing upon itself.  One of the important principles I maintain is that my business is very personal to me and this program helped to evolve my thinking on how I can best create and achieve strategic objectives for my firm that ultimately affect me as a woman.  Those goals are what I want for my business, myself, and my life including those around me, while maintaining the personality of my business.

Valerie Horner

CEO, VAH Accounting

The NextStep'MBA' has totally transformed how I work my business! It has confirmed why I do what I do, has challenged me to live outside my comfort zone, has increased my creativity, and has helped me create massive growth. I am so grateful for AccelerateHER and what they helped me do for my business!

Jodi M. Slaughter

CEO, Launch Out Coaching and Consulting

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