Fueling Long-Term Profitability in Their Communities!

James City County Economic Development

It has been our pleasure to work with AccelerateHER to assist small business owners grow to their potential. Zee and Francine have tremendous insights into the needs of women business owners and know the potential for growth. Most importantly, they know what businesses need to achieve that potential and can deliver those services. Their reports and presentations are professional and well-informed, and their network of businesses, mentors and experts available for consultation is ever-expanding. James City County is fortunate to have their services available to local businesses.


Journeying to New Heights!

Tameika Issac Devine

I have been in business for 15 years. I have run my business by recording revenues and then paying expenses. Basically just reconciling my check book every month. It was not until I joined The JunipHER Project that I understood the importance of financial statements. I now understanding budgeting, cash flow projections and profit and loss. Although I have been able to keep my doors open, I have never really truly been profitable, but with Zee and Francine’s help, I now know what I need to do to run and grow a profitable business.

Valerie A. Horner

I started my accounting firm because I enjoyed helping people navigate the tax system; I found a skill in being able to explain taxes without using numbers in a way that customers had a basic understanding of their accounting and tax situation.  My business has functioned very well for almost 10 years by sticking to some basic principles and building upon those as I grew; for the first 5 years in business, I did not even have business cards because advertising was not a priority.


The JunipHER project has helped me go back through the foundation of my accounting firm and fill in some gaps to make sure the base is strong enough to support growth without collapsing upon itself.  One of the important principles I maintain is that my business is very personal to me and the JunipHER project helped to evolve my thinking on how I can best create and achieve strategic objectives for my firm that ultimately affect me as a woman.  Those goals are what I want for my business, myself, and my life including those around me, while maintaining the personality of my business.