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A captivating speaker and educator, Zee Worstell blends her expertise and background in business to electrify audiences with real world tips designed to shift their mindset and refocus their strategies and planning to immediately earn more as confident business owners.

Zee Speaks

Motivation and empowerment… these are the hallmarks of our talks and presentations.

Our audience leaves feeling powerful and inspired.  But that’s not all… we also share applicable advice that our audience can use immediately to  improve their businesses, their pricing, their positioning and their bottom line.

If you would like a special talk designed for your specific needs, please contact us and we can design something original for you.

Popular Topics

The Right Questions

Explore the keystone questions that you must answer to boost your bottom line and accelerate your success and longevity as a confident, capable business owner. We provide a direct method that determines your unique position and strength in your marketplace, drives to the right customers that will support and fuel your business, what those clients are willing to pay and how you can capitalize on that information to earn what you’re worth and more.

This presentation is designed for small business owners who are looking to grow their businesses and earn more money.

Good Girl Beliefs

Good Girl Beliefs are those ever-present societal and cultural beliefs (and often misconceptions) that hold women back and keep us from earning more. We explore those beliefs in depth and help you discover exactly how to make those subtle shifts to your thinking and mindset as a confident, capable business owner. Our methods will empower and equip you as a women business owner without sacrificing your core values and unique gifts.

This presentation is designed for groups of women who are seeking the inspiration and motivation to approach their business and their life with a more powerful mindset that fuels their future success.

Pricing 411

Explore the ins and outs of setting accurate prices that drive profitability in business. This interactive, workshop presentation helps small business owners find clarity and purpose, confidently quoting with new and improved prices that support their long-term success in their marketplace.

This presentation is designed for small business owners who are ready to ditch fear and insecurity abd begin confidently charging and earning what they’re worth!

Take a Sneak Peek

What women are saying after hearing Zee

“Zee has work with our franchise owners to help them focus on effective pricing strategies.  She has an excellent command of the subject matter, an interactive engaging manner and a keen focus in helping people (mostly women) achieve their financial goals.  Pricing is such a personal issue tied to so many factors including fear, confidence and marketplace knowledge. Zee is able to help people understand the issues that are keeping them from achieving financial and business success.  Zee is a great speaker or workshop presenter who can help your franchise owners or employees deal effectively with the issue of pricing and yield impressive results for their businesses or organization.”

Mary Rogers

CEO, Abcadoodle

“I think Zee is an amazing speaker.  She engages the audience and bring us from understanding how the norms of our childhood have forced us to undercharge for our services to how to fix it and earn what we are worth! What I loved about Zee’s presentation was that she gave us concrete steps and tools to fix these problems and really earn more.”

Mindy Messina

NAWBO Richmond

“Zee’s energy and belief that effort overcomes conditioning. Her unique perspective was very thought provoking.  She was terrific and original.”

“Zee’s delivery of important information was absolutely 1st class!”

“Zee’s insight was amazing.  She was one of the best speakers so far this year.”