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After watching too many business owners struggle with their prices, we developed a pricing system that is perfect for “solopreneurs” and small businesses just like you.

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Our PriceHER Right Pricing System was developed to help you take all the confusion out of setting your prices. Finally you can be sure that you are earning a profit each and every time you make a sale.

Each part of the pricing process is accompanied by a video that will teach you why you are doing each step.  So this is not only a tool, it is pricing education.

Our company mission is to help women business owners create long-term profitability and success so they can have the impact they want to have on their world.  We created this pricing tool to help with that mission.

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“As a result of using this pricing system, I raised my rates from $25 per hour to $75 per hour and I know my new prices make sense. I now confidently quote my prices and my new higher prices are attracting more clients instead of scaring them away.” Danielle S

Owner, Social Media Specialist

“I have been quoting my new prices that I developed with the help of the PriceHER Right Pricing System for 2 months now and I’m enjoying the impact on my business! I’m making more money every time I sell something and I am closing more deals.
Thanks Zee and Francine!”

Jennifer B

Virtual Assistant, Virtual For You

“I was happily surprised to find the PriceHER Right Pricing Matrix took a few hours to complete. That meant by noon on the first day after using it I had already earned back the price of the product. It was worth it, and so am I.” Karen C.

Owner, 224 Design

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