Fuel Long-Term Success

Why “JunipHER”

An ancient symbol of protection and safe passage, the juniper branch accompanied travelers on harrowing journeys that tested their patience, endurance and fortitude.

Building a successful business will be one of the most challenging journeys of your life.

The JunipHER Project will provide the tools and support you need to persevere as a confident, capable business owner.

The JunipHER Project provides female-focused tools and training that will accompany you through the peaks and valleys of life as a business owner, providing safe passage and protection as you forge ahead and position your business for long-term profitability and success.

Developed by women, for women, The JunipHER Project is a one-year remote business accelerator for mid-stage business owners that delivers the knowledge, support and resources you need to continue journeying to new heights.

The JunipHER Project navigates the many challenges to business growth by leveraging a uniquely female approach in combination with interactive support from like-minded peers and experts from across the country.

The JunipHER Difference…


Practical education
that accelerates your
business growth.


Organized content
that manages your
progress and pace.


Function strategies
that capitalize on your
unique strengths.


Trusted support and
connection with like-
minded women.

Built For You

The JunipHER Project will walk with you as you confidently develop and implement a focused long-term plan that will scale your business and set you firmly on the path to achieving your goals as a woman business owner.

Embrace Your
Power as CEO

Confidence comes with knowledge. We will champion your growth and challenge you to fully believe that you are absolutely capable of scaling your business for long-term success and profitability.

Talk the Talk with
Financial Fluency

Successful business owners know their numbers inside and out. We help you develop a deeper understanding of your financial reporting and metrics so you’re equipped and empowered to effectively map out your business growth.

Earn What You’re
Worth and More

The season of trading and giving away your expertise has passed. It is time for you to price your products and services effectively with our PriceHER Right Pricing System. You deserve appropriate compensation for your hard work.

Establish a
Board of Advisors

Although it may feel scary, establishing a Board of Advisors will make a huge impact on your growth as a successful business owner. It will open doors to new opportunities, strategies and ideas that may have otherwise gone overlooked.

Build and Manage
a Motivated Team

 Adding to your team can be the game changer that magnifies your revenue opportunities. Explore the who, how, what and why that will drive your team’s success with you as their fearless leader.

Access Capital to
Fuel Your Growth

Understanding funding and capital options for your business can be overwhelming. With the appropriate support and guided education, you can reach a higher level of competency that will empower your decisions and strategies for future growth.

Four key Principles



Confident Mastery of the CEO Mindset


Intimate Understanding of Business Finances


Solid Development of a Motivated Team


Focused Execution of a Long-Term Strategic Plan

What You’ll Get…

The JunipHER Project will walk with you as you confidently develop and implement a focused long-term plan that will scale your business and set you firmly on the path to achieving your goals as a business owner.

You will:

  • Develop the financial fluency that will drive your decision-making as a focused CEO.
  • Price your services effectively and confidently charge what you’re worth in your marketplace.
  • Craft the goals, metrics and systems that will power a motivated, effective team.
  • Build a competent advisory board of trusted peers that will contribute to your growth and success.

The JunipHER Project welcomes you!

We host open, rolling enrollment so that you can take action right here, right now. The future is yours for the taking!

Complete the application below and we’ll be in touch to schedule a brief phone interview with our team. We are right here with you, even in this first step, to discuss and explore if The JunipHER Project can help you achieve your goals as a woman business owner.

We begin a new class every few weeks!

We believe in women business owners. We believe in the crucial role we play in building a stronger economy for ourselves, our families, our community, and our world. We believe that women can, will, and are redefining business success every day.

We believe in YOU.